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Simulation Games


Identifying The Ghosts of "Specter" on "Roblox"

Specter, a Roblox game inspired by Phasmophobia, allows you to play as a paranormal investigator, identifying ghosts with your friends. There are quite a few tools at your disposal and each type of ghost has its own individual quirks. Here's a guide to help new players survive their first missions.


"Minecraft": 5 Reasons Caves and Cliffs Was Disappointing

While far from the worst "Minecraft" update of all time, these are 5 reasons caves and cliffs was disappointing.


"Minecraft": Tips for Improving Old Builds (With Examples)

What do you do when you come across an old build that maybe isn't as nice as you once thought? There are many ways "Minecraft" builders can improve old builds. This article will provide you with some tips for improving old builds. Some examples will be highlighted.


"Stardew Valley" Gift Guide: Every Character's Loved and Hated Gifts

Each character in "Stardew Valley" has their own preferences when it comes to gifts. Knowing each character's loved, liked, and hated gifts makes a big difference when trying to befriend them. This guide lists each character's preferred gifts and identifies the best gift items in "Stardew Valley."


10 Secrets to a Successful, Long-Term World in "Minecraft"

If you're wondering how anyone can commit to a single world for years at a time, these 10 secrets to a long-term world will tell you how it's done.


5 Real World House Styles Recreated in "Minecraft"

Taking inspiration from the modern world, these are 5 real world house styles recreated in "Minecraft."


The Best Crops in "Stardew Valley"

Choosing the right crops to plant in Stardew Valley can mean the difference between a successful farm and a failed one. This article lists the best Spring, Summer, and Fall Stardew Valley crops, taking into account the profit each type of plant can bring you and the alternative uses for each crop.


"Minecraft": 5 Overlooked Building Blocks to Add Variety to Your World

Taking a look at 5 blocks that can add variety to a Minecraft world. These blocks are often overlooked and under-utilized, but all of them add color and texture to your world.


A Complete Guide to "Scuba Diving at Quill Lake" in "Roblox"

"Scuba Diving in Quill Lake" is a fun "Roblox" game where you can explore the depths of Quill Lake for hidden treasures. Here's a guide to all of the game's secret locations and valuable artifacts.


"Icarus" Status Effects Guide

Whether you're eating food, bleeding from a fight, or frostbitten from the cold, there are a myriad of status effects in "Icarus." Understanding them is key to your survival. This guide covers what you need to know.


"Wargame: Red Dragon" Plunjing Valley Map Guide

Plunjing Valley is the "Wargame: Red Dragon" map Punchbowl flipped on its side, but plays differently and is a great example of a mechanized-deck friendly map.


"Sims 4": Guide to Gardening, Painting, and Fishing for Profit

"Sims 4" is a very complicated game that can be mind-boggling. Here are some easy suggestions for making the game even more fun!


"Going Medieval": How to Make a Fridge

Learn to make a fridge so cold it'll shrink your beets to the size of red currants.


"Going Medieval": Room-Type Bonuses

Secret productivity bonuses! Learn how to gain free efficiency upgrades for how you set up your rooms in "Going Medieval".


Video Game Review: "Going Medieval"

"Going Medieval" is a colony survival game where you will rebuild a medieval colony while trying to survive winter and defend yourself from raiders. Is this early access game worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Video Game Review: "Game Dev Tycoon"

"Game Dev Tycoon" is a simulation game where you start your own game development studio and try to become a successful company throughout the lifespan of video games. Is this simulation game worth your time and money? Let's find out!


"Animal Crossing New Horizons": 10 Websites With Unique Merch

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is without a doubt one of the best-selling titles for the Nintendo Switch. Here are ten stellar websites with a wide selection of charming "Animal Crossing" collectibles and other prime merchandise.


10 Games Like "Rune Factory"

Looking for a game like "Rune Factory"? Explore our list of top 10 games like "Rune Factory" for you to strategise and enjoy. Find out more here.


The Best Start and Strategy in "Kenshi"

The best start in "Kenshi" is "The Slaves" and this guide is going to set out all the reasons you need to choose it, the strategy for it, and how to eventually escape it!


10 "Fallout Shelter" Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

This article lists 10 tips, tricks, and secret hacks to help you make the most of your Fallout Shelter journey.


10 Games Like "My Time at Portia"

Looking for similar games like "My Time at Portia"? Explore my top 10 picks on games that are similar to "My Time at Portia" here. Hope you enjoy it!


"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Is One of the Greatest Educational Games Ever Created

Parents sometimes worry that their kids are playing video games too much and not learning. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a fantastic educational game for both children and adults. The game is packed with knowledge from bugs, meteor showers, fossils, holidays, and how to buy art pieces.


"Minecraft" Building Tutorial: How to Build a Log Cabin With Lofts

Here's a tutorial on how I built my fancy log cabin in "Minecraft." It's got two lofts, a bay window, and plenty of space for all of your mining loot! This guide goes through the build layer by layer, and lists all the materials you need.


"Space Engineers" Xbox Review

While it definitely has its flaws, it is a fun game if you can get past the initial barrier of entry.


"Welcome to Bloxburg": A Guide to Skills

In "Welcome to Bloxburg," there are many different skills and talents your character can pursue. Here's how to get started on making your character a jack-of-all-trades, master of all.


"Little Big Workshop" Xbox One Review

"Little Big Workshop" is a HUGE management game, squeezed into a small enjoyable experience.


10 Factory Strategy Games Like "Factorio"

Looking for a game like "Factorio"? Explore our list of top 10 games like "Factorio" for you to strategise and enjoy. Find out more here.


10 "The Sims 4" Build Mode Challenges

Building in "The Sims" is one of the best ways to play the game, but it can get repetitive. Here are ten build mode challenges to spice up your playing time!


"Taonga" Review

Do you enjoy farming simulators? If so, then you will adore this game.


7 Games Like "Fallout Shelter"

Did you love Fallout Shelter? Keep the fun going with these games like Fallout Shelter.


"The Sims 4 Star Wars™: Journey to Batuu" Game Pack Review

"The Sims 4 Star Wars™: Journey to Batuu" is one of the biggest collaborations the Sims team has done yet; it's also one of the most controversial packs they've put out to date. Should you purchase this downloadable content, or pass? Here's my review.


8 Games Like “Yandere Simulator” - Silently Get Rid of Your Rivals

Summary: These games like Yandere Simulator are addictive! Don’t say you weren’t warned.


How to Build a Starter Home in "The Sims 4"

This article includes tips and tricks on how to build the perfect starter home in "The Sims 4." Make it cute and keep it cheap!


"The Sims 4": Complete Guide to Create-A-Sim (Cas) Mode

If you're unfamiliar with the Create-A-Sim (CAS) mode in the Sims 4, here is the complete beginner's guide to making your perfect Sim-self, or your fantasy self, for gameplay.


10 "Ooblets" Farming Tips!

This article includes top tips to get a quick start on farming in your game! I'll go over setups and profitable products, as well as share tricks to spend your time wisely.


How to Win at "The Sims 3": Diamonds Are a Sim's Best Friend

Sick of your Sims living on the breadline? Read this article to learn how to earn all the Simoleons your Sim family could ever need and more! Includes guidance on using the world's natural resources for profit, as well as career tips.


A Guide to Transfiguration in "The Sims 3"

Confused about transfiguration in "The Sims 3: World Adventures"? This article will show you how to find the most valuable items though this interesting game mechanic. All you need is resources, strategy, and Simoleons.


10 Games Like "Overcooked"

Can't get enough of co-op games? Check out these games like "Overcooked" and test your skills against your friends!


"The Sims 4" Building for Beginners: Shipping Container Homes and Rooftop Gardens (Without "Eco Lifestyle")

"The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack" is coming out in June 2020, and one feature it boasts is the ability to make shipping container homes and rooftop gardens. But wait—you could already do that without this pack! Here's how.


5+ Confirmed Features You Can Expect in "Paralives"!

Have you heard the buzz about the newest upcoming life-simulation game, "Paralives"? Here are 5+ exciting features confirmed by the developers to be in the game!


The "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Daily Tasks Guide!

Need more bells, materials, Nook Miles, objects or DIY recipes in your "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" game? Use this "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Daily Tasks Guide to maximise your gameplay and collect all of the above on daily basis!


"Animal Crossing: New Horizons": Break the Nook Bank With Gold Roses

Earning as many bells as one can in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is the pursuit of many that play this quickly burgeoning video game. I'm going to share with you how I grew my very own steady income and paid off loans quickly.


How and Why You Should Set Up a Side Character in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"!

Have you heard of people playing with multiple accounts on their one "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" island and wondered how they did it or even why? This guide details everything you need to know to create your own side account, and all the pros and cons of doing so!


Everything You Need to Know About Harv's Island in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"!

Have you played "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and have no idea what Harv's mysterious island is for or how to use it? Read this article to learn how to use Harv's island to its full potential, plus fun ideas for you to recreate in your game!


"Harvest Land" Dragon Race Gameplay Tips and Tutorial

Congratulations you've unlocked and restored the clan castle in "Harvest Land". Dragon race tasks are tricky. With your entire clan counting out to help them gain race points. Learn several dragon race tips and basic tutorial for new players.


How to Win at "The Sims 2": Getting Creative for Fun and Profit

How to beat "The Sims 2" in a few simple steps! Includes tips for earning money and boosting motives through skills and skill objects.


"Cities Skylines": Fun and Educative Game

"Cities Skylines" is a fun and educative city-building simulation game designed with all the tools and perks that enable the player to build a realistic city of their imagination and be exposed to real economic and environmental elements of a real city. It is a fun way to spend some indoor time.


The Hardest Game I Have Ever Played: "Kenshi"

"Kenshi" is the greatest, hardest survival sim I have ever played on the PC. It is a must have for any fan of survival games.


How to Win at "The Sims 1": Skilling Your Way to the Top!

How to beat "The Sims 1" in a few simple steps! Includes tips for career success and earning money through skills.


Installing "The Sims 1" on Windows 10: A Simply Comprehensive Guide

Want to play "The Sims 1"? Then this is the guide for you. It will show you how to run the game on modern systems, as well as how to fix the graphics for play on modern screens.

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